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  History of MFK
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2006   Changed company name to Mitsubishi Electric FA Industrial Products Corporation (MFK)
2000   Established Mitsubishi Electric Hoist Corporation (MH)
1999   Introduced Inverter Hoist UR type (1t~3t) 200V class
1994   Introduced Inverter Hoist U type (The first built-in original inverter in Japan)
200V class (400V class in 1995)
Introduced Inverter Hoist with general inverter in 1985
1983   Introduced S type (1/2t~3t) R type (1t~3t) (HY-A type ⇒ S type HE-A type ⇒ R type)
1954   Transferred the production of hoist products from Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya Factory to Mitsubishi Electric Fukuoka Factory
1935   Started the production of hoist products at Mitsubishi Electric Nagoya Factory.